The end

How to Train Your Dragon has been a favorite of mine since I saw the first movie. However, my love and dedication to the series, the dragon, and the main pairing grew after the second movie and after watching the series. I knew it was a series that I was going to continue to love and rewatch time and time again. While the main site doesn't have much to it, I have small sites and fanlisting dedicated to certain subjects I love.

Odds, Ends, & Altogether was created using different official images of Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless along with different texture images I found on the internet and on my computer. Each site uses the same official images just rearranged using different coding. The sites were created in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and coded in Notepad ++. There is no name for each of the layouts, but this the second update for the sites.

If you are curious about the why I name this shrine Odds & Ends & Altogether. Well, at the beginning Hiccup was the Odd person. Astrid was Ends for Hiccup had a crush on her, and she wasn't returning the feeling. Altogether came from Toothless. He brought Hiccup and Astrid together. Simple enough, I believe, but it makes sense, and that is what I was going for.

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